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Growing up in a small village nestled on the North Yorkshire moors after being born in Darlington, I was fortunate to have a childhood that was nothing short of idyllic. However, since then, I have resided in different parts of the world. Living and working in London gave me valuable life and work experiences. In 2003, I moved to South Africa. I lived in the leafy northern suburbs of Johannesburg for an extended period before moving back to Darlington in 2023.

My diverse experiences in different countries have allowed me to immerse myself in various cultures, providing me with invaluable insights into multiple businesses and ways of thinking. As a result, I have learned to appreciate the importance of cultural diversity and understand different points of view.

While I initially started my business career in Travel and Tourism, I later gravitated towards project management, which allowed me to participate in extensive engineering and new product development projects. One of my favourite jobs was running new product development projects for a large ceramic tabletop company. I learned so much and made many valuable contacts throughout this time.

In 2014, my sister and I started a successful corporate branding and gifting business called Simply Gifts. However, life is unpredictable, and I found myself facing the challenge of losing my sister Lynn to ovarian cancer in 2018. After her passing, I tried to continue on my own, but the gap left by Lynn was too significant. After a few more years, I closed down Simply Gifts and started DeeZign, which continued until I left Johannesburg in 2023. Upon returning to the UK and planning to be employed again, I closed DeeZign. However, the universe had other plans for me, and I started Brandiva, a visual marketing agency, which has been a fantastic decision.

Throughout my varied roles and experiences, I have demonstrated a proven ability to develop market reach, define and engage online audiences, manage e-commerce websites, and create campaigns that deliver high engagement, conversion, and consumer retention. I am skilled at defining creative strategies to drive ROI and revenue and am a motivational leader accustomed to strict deadlines. I am experienced in aligning with diverse clients and working on challenging projects that require close attention to detail and creative problem-solving skills. I am passionate about innovative design and integrating developing technological trends and techniques.

While my qualifications include being a Digital Marketing Executive, my passion lies in visual marketing. I thrive on pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box, using stunning visuals, captivating storytelling, or cutting-edge technology to make your brand stand out and shine.

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Frontend and Backend Designer

I am a passionate web and graphic designer, skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw, and WordPress systems to name a few. I am adept at creating seamless websites with creative designs that lean toward the functional as well as artistic.  I am skilled at both frontend and backend website design of both brand new websites or updating an already existing website.

I am skilled at creating visual elements for websites such as video creation, voice-over production and graphic design elements.

 I am a Multi-skilled professional with 15+ years of successfully driving creative business growth for diverse companies.

Having worked and progressed through many creative and project-driven roles, both locally and overseas, I can apply my diverse skills to produce digital solutions to achieve your marketing objectives. 

Graphic Design
Video Creation
SEO Optimisation
Adobe Creative Suite

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